❗Important tips

Essential internet connection required for any type of integration.

Strict product code matching between systems and Alephee (either by brand and SKU code or own/internal/client code).

Review business rules in API documentation and files.

Consider correct integration with different types of set up accounts (Brand/Distributor/Sellers/OfficialStores/PUIS)

• Catalog (prices and stock) for Brand/Distribuidor account

• Orders, Listings and messaging for Seller/Official Store account

• When applicable, remember to modify SRP (suggested retail price) in addition to Price (with or without taxes)

• Stock to be reported should be physical inventory minus reserved stock (avoid stock breakage)

• Stock for PUIS to be reported to each PUIS account Maximums and limits for each API service are documented and available

The usage quotas and time bands are documented in the commercial scope.

The integration periodicity depends on each organization, their strategy, and the available inventory level to publish on marketplaces.

• Prices can be updated according to the organization ́s strategy.

• For low inventory, a low periodicity of stock updates is recommended (especially if sales orders are not integrated).

• Consider using safety stock forlistings with low stock

• The integration of orders depends on each organization If successful tests have been performed in the TEST environment, the integration data must be updated for the REAL environment of Alephee. Please notify the integration team to activate it.

Please, read the responses (bothresponse code and the process detail) provided by the APIs each time a service call is made.

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