Shipping labels

A label is a file to use when delivering the product. It was already paid by the buyer when the purchase flow ended. Once the buyer paid for the order, the seller must print the label.

In order to obtain a label, the status of the shipments must be “ready_to_ship” and the substatus must be “ready_to_print” or “printed”. That means the payment was processed and the label is available to the seller.

There are some statuses and substatuses of an order are NOT ALLOWED to download the shipping label.

Status: • pending • handling • shipped • delivered • not_delivered • buffered • cancelled

Substatus: • waiting_for_carrier_authorization • invoice_pending • dropped_off • picked_up • buffered • under_review

It is a good practice to upload the electronic invoice to the marketplace before downloading the shipping label.

For Brazilian customers, it is mandatory to upload the fiscal electronic invoice (NFE) to the order right before trying to print the shipping label. And it is necessary to wait a reasonable time for the marketplace to change the status to order before requesting for the shipping label

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