📊Business rules

• This method DO NOT USE the same objects that the GET orders endpoint use. Do not attempt to use the objects described on the GET orders endpoint with this method. • Only 1 (one) order per API call is supported. • The newly created order will be associated to the account ID given. • The newly created order will be associated to the marketplace/channel given. • There is a list of available and supported marketplaces/channels for creating a new order. Please refer to marketplaces/channels list section to see the ID / codes you need to set. • An order is uniquely identified by its order number. The "ExternalOrderId" attribute in the header section is used for this. You cannot create more than 1 (one) order with the same order number in the same account. • After successfully creation of the order, you will see the newly added order on the Alephee “orders” screen. Also, you can use the GET order endpoint to retrieve the order and its information. • This endpoint will return a HTTP 201 response code for a successful operation or any other error code otherwise. • Please, please, DO read the endpoint response and the error messages. It will help with the common mistakes.

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