💴Approved payments and pending payments

By default, Alephee works with orders having a marketplace/channel approved payment. Only approved payments.

A payment is approved when the marketplace/channel was able to obtain the necessary funds from the customer to satisfy the payment on the fly, instantly.

Orders with pending payments are orders with deferred-in-time payments such as cash money with delayed approval, bank transfers with large approval time, and brokers like “Pago fácil”, “Rapipago” and others… all with no instant-approved payment.

Some users need to handle this type of orders and payments. Most users do not.

Please note that not all customers have the Alephee’s “Handle payments without approved payments” privilege activated.

Only customers who specifically requested to work with these types of orders have this feature connected and available for use. In this scenario, the status of some payment may be “pending” and later will change to “approved”.

One more time for good luck…By default, Alephee and this endpoint works only with orders that have a previously approved payment.

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