📊Business rules

Please check the following necessary preconditions to send a message to a buyer: => This endpoint works only on the Mercado Libre marketplace. => The only messaging reasons that allow sending a custom text message are: · SEND_INVOICE_LINK. Because it is necessary to send the link of the invoice. · OTHER. Free text. The other available messaging options create and send an automatic text message template. => You cannot change automatic text messages templates contents. No, you cannot. => The custom text message parameter is IGNORED when the messaging reason do not allow custom messages. => When you send a message to a buyer, you cannot send another message until the receiver acknowledge and reply to the previous message. => You can attach a document to a message AFTER a you send a first message with no document attached. => You need to send to the buyer a first message with no attachment and wait for the buyer to acknowledge and reply to this message. Then, later, you can send a new message with a document attached. => After sending a message with an attachment, subsequent messages to the same buyer must respect the same message reason. => Maximum size of free text message is 350 characters.

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